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Upstream Oil & Gas

TSC Simulation specialise in simulation solutions for use in the offshore, upstream oil and gas industry. We offer a number of services including Engineering Verification, Operator Training Simulations and Major Emergency Management (MEM) for those delivering Opito accredited courses.

Our simulation solutions can be used to train offshore operators and installation managers and to prove their competence.

We can create real-time bespoke simulations to suit you or your clients specific needs and processes, using our dynamic simulation platform. For those offering training to multiple organisations, you can choose from a wide range of generic simulations suited for the offshore industry.

TSC Simulation also offer Major emergency Management training packages which can include a Virtual Control Room environment enabling you to create a fully immersive emergency scenario tailored to your operations based around an MEM simulator package.

These packages and solutions can be installed offshore on the installation itself, or in your onshore training centres; and offer a cost effective way to train and improve competence across the organisation.

  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Control and Operation Optimisation
  • Major Emergency Management Simulation
  • Operator Training Simulator
  • Stimulated and Emulated OTS
  • Virtual Control Rooms
  • Generic Training Simulators

Please contact us for further information on the services we provide and how we can help you.