Plant Systems

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The Plant Systems models are all based on actual plant models that we have created to match a site-specific situation and have then been de-tagged for training. 

The range covers from standard systems such as Separators, Compressors and a Furnace, through to complex systems such as Fractionation Trains, Tank Farms and Exothermic Reactors. Each model is accompanied by a workbook that is accessible from the model menu bar.

Each of the models may be run across its range, from start-up to shut-down, and then into faults and emergency scenarios. The models include full alarm and ESD systems with Cause & Effect displays.

The models are designed to run on standard PCs under Windows. They may all be used individually on a single PC basis or may be networked in classrooms where an instructor can start, monitor and interact with each of the PCs as required. 

They may also be run in a Trainer/multi-Trainee situation such as our Virtual Control Room for Control Room Operator training and assessment.