Process Control

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Dynamic process simulation promotes the understanding of control loops in the most memorable way.

The effect of changes to control loop settings is clearly demonstrated visually dynamically. The way in which optimum Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) loop values may be calculated and set is clearly shown.

TSC provides a wide range of Control Loop models. The range includes all standard forms of control function being demonstrated using simple control plant. Each model is accompanied by a workbook that is accessible from the model menu bar. The workbooks consider the standard theoretical solutions to optimum control, including the Zeigler Nichols formulae. The models include full thermodynamic integrity with heat and mass balance, and most model layouts are selected from actual plant situations.

The models are designed to run on standard PCs under Windows. They may be used individually on a single PC basis, or may be networked in classrooms where an instructor can start, monitor and interact with each of the PCs as required.